Shortcomings for FPC
(1 ) one-time initial costs are high
As the soft PCB is designed for special applications , manufacturing , and so began the circuit design, layout and camera bottom plate of the higher costs . Unless the application of soft PCB with special needs , the typically small amount of application, better not be adopted .

(2 ) soft PCB difficult changes and fixes
Soft PCB , once made , the base map or to change must be prepared Gerber proceedings began, so easy to change . Its surface covered with protective film , remove the patch before , but also recovery after repair , it is more difficult.

( 3) The size of restricted
Soft PCB is not yet common in the case , usually Batch process, therefore limited by the size of production equipment , can not do it very long, very wide .

(4 ) improper operation fragile
Easy installation with personnel mishandling the damage caused by soft circuits , soldering and rework their need for trained personnel to operate .

Advantage of FPC

Flexible printed circuit board (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) is made of flexible insulating substrate printed circuit , rigid printed circuit board has many advantages not available :
(1 ) free bending , winding , folding, may be required pursuant to any arrangement of space layout , and any movement in three-dimensional space and flexibility to achieve the component assembly and integration of wire connections ;
(2 ) the use of FPC can greatly reduce the size and weight of electronic products , electronic products applicable to high density , small size, high reliability and direction of development. Therefore , FPC in the aerospace , military , mobile communications, portable computers, computer peripherals , PDA, digital camera and other fields or products have been widely used ;
(3) FPC also has good heat resistance and weldability , and easy to install with integrated and low cost , rigid-flex design has to a certain extent, made up of flexible base material in the device 's slightly less carrying capacity .